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Mom's With School Kids

Our children's physical and intellectual development is carefully tracked and charted from birth to adulthood. But what about their hearts? After all, how our children develop emotionally, socially, and spiritually will determine who they become as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, friends and co-workers.

"Are My Kids on Track?" helps you identify and measure 12 key emotional, social, and spiritual milestones in your children's lives. Moreover, you will discover practical ways to guide your kids through any stumbling blocks they might encounter and help them reach the appropriate landmarks. Along the way, the authors pinpoint the different ways boys and girls develop, so you can help your child flourish in his or her own way.

Filled with decades of experience from three practicing counselors, speakers, and writers, this book provides you with valuable, current research and user-friendly, hands-on practices to make supporting your kids' soul development a seamless part of family life. Don't just raise smart kids--raise courageous, compassionate, resilient, empathetic, and smart kids.

 **Participants need to purchase the book prior to class. 

Limited childcare is available for children from birth to 5th grade. You will receive a link to register in your confirmation email.

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